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Wish List


 What wonderful service! The ordering and delivery system is just fantastic. I continue to reorder from you when I run out and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service you offer!

T. Chew, Lockneed Corporation.  

 We have previously tried the services of other recharges and your fax is clearly the best!

Paul Halpern, Arter, Hadden et al 

We are very pleased. Your new super-drum cartridges and imaging kits are working flawlessly in all of our offices.

Lois Herrity, Seagate Technology.  

 At first we were skeptical, but your copier cartridges have convinced us. I can see now why we are using your system.

Janet Martin, Weyerhauesen Mortgage.  

 Your service is faster than any of our other providers, and we save so much money on printer toner!

Kelley Bradly, Clarck & Lamp.

 The Annualized Service Agreement is working well for us. It has the lowest price we have found; your response time is great and your printer ink is very efficient.

T. Chew, Lockneed Finance Corporation. 

 We have now used over 200 of your ink cartridges without a failure. That is better luck than we had with the new ones.

Curt Stank, Plaza Fundine.